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Eminent Domain and Land Use Litigation

Representing Property Owners.

Lewis & Roberts has long been recognized for its litigation of eminent domain, condemnation, and land use disputes. The “Takings Clause” of the U.S. Constitution states simply: “[N]or shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Unfortunately, the question of “just compensation” frequently results in litigation. Not surprisingly, the government’s view of just compensation is different from the property owner’s.

We litigate on contingency – So you can afford to fight “City Hall.”

Lewis & Roberts accepts eminent domain and condemnation cases on contingency. This means that you can afford to “fight City Hall.” When the government offers you less than just compensation for your property, we are prepared to litigate to ensure you are treated fairly.

Condemnation proceedings.

Since 1997, the firm's lawyers have been available to represent property owners in condemnation proceedings, such as those involving:

  • Streets
  • Parks
  • Railroad lines
  • Hydrocarbon pipelines
  • Light rail lines
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Sports venues
  • Electric transmission lines
  • Water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer lines
  • Drainage and detention facilities

We help property owners at all phases of the condemnation process.

We represent property owners in a variety of situations, from small single-parcel acquisitions to large multi-parcel projects. We help property owners resolve disputes at all stages of the acquisition process - before the filing of condemnation proceedings, during the administrative phase of condemnation cases, on the courthouse steps, at trial, and on appeal.

The firm's lawyers are often retained to represent landowners whose properties are being sought by public and private entities vested with the power of eminent domain. We defend landowners in connection with a variety of acquisitions, such as takings for the construction and widening of highways, pipeline and power line projects, school purposes, airport expansions, and gas storage projects. 

As a result of our representation of property owners, our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the considerations and priorities that influence the actions of condemning authorities. This broad perspective facilitates the identification of the legal, factual and strategic issues confronting our clients, allowing us to efficiently and effectively prepare them for and guide them through the litigation process. Our experience representing property owners lends credibility to our presentations in the courts in which we appear.

Although our firm’s practice often centers on condemnation and inverse condemnation disputes, that is not all we do. The firm's lawyers also represent clients in connection with other matters involving governmental entities, including litigation relating to zoning and land use regulations, construction disputes, and environmental issues.

Let us help you obtain just compensation.

Regardless of the nature of the controversy, we understand that proper due diligence is the key to our clients' success. We work hard to identify and address in advance the relevant factual and legal issues that will control the resolution of the dispute, putting our clients in the best position for a favorable outcome. As skilled trial advocates, the attorneys at Lewis & Roberts bring a practical, proven and strategic approach to the resolution of disputes involving condemnation issues.

If you are a property owner facing condemnation or eminent domain issues, we are here to help you make sure you are paid the “just compensation” the U.S. Constitution demands. There is no charge for a confidential consultation. And because we work on contingency, we only get paid if our representation yields an outcome in your favor.

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