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Truck & Tractor Trailer Accidents

Trucks, Tractor Trailer Rigs, Dump Trucks, 18-Wheelers, Buses & Construction Equipment

Lewis & Roberts' litigation attorneys in Raleigh and have handled all types of commercial transportation cases - ranging from tractor trailers, dump trucks, flatbeds, tow-trucks, buses, 18-wheelers, and oversized loads involving construction equipment, oil rigs and logging trucks. Unfortunately, because of the severity of impact, these cases usually involve catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. We have successfully tried these cases to jury verdicts and and obtained favorable settlements on behalf of our clients. Commercial transportation cases are different than ordinary car accident cases because of the Federal laws that apply to commercial vehicles, their drivers and the companies that own the trucks and employ the drivers. Our truck accident lawyers in Raleigh are well versed in the applicable laws and are prepared to discuss with you the facts of your case. We handle these cases on a contingent basis - meaning that we advance all costs and there is no fee unless we recover a settlement or verdict.

Raleigh, North Carolina Truck & Tractor-Trailer Attorneys

The commercial transportation industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These regulations apply to all commercial vehicles engaged in interstate transportation, as well as those that transport passengers and specific types of cargo and are engaged in certain types of business. Mostly, these regulations apply to tractor trailers, large flatbed trucks, busses, 18-wheelers, oversize loads, taxis and some dump trucks. The regulations place restrictions on drivers as to the number of hours they can drive per day and other requirements of health, vision, drug use and knowledge of the laws that apply to the trucks they drive. We have found that truck drivers frequently are not aware of the specific laws applicable to their trucks and that their employers provide little training to assist them in meeting the Federal requirements.

In addition to understanding the specific laws applicable to commercial vehicles, all other traffic laws apply to commercial drivers regarding excessive speed, safe following distances, yielding the right of way, and, of course, keeping a proper lookout. The difference between a commercial driver and the average driver is that commercial drivers are expected to have a better understanding of how to control their trucks because of excessive weight, size and handling unique to large vehicles. Each commercial driver should hold a Commercial Driver's License - known as a CDL license - that is a much more vigorous test of knowledge about how trucks and large vehicles handle. The CDL requirements and tested knowledge are often overlooked in commercial transportation lawsuits by attorneys who are not experienced in handling these cases.

Our experience in handling commercial transportation cases include wrongful death and paraplegia injuries - as well as the different Federal and state legal requirements to run a trucking company and how truck drivers are, or are not, qualified to drive. We have handled cases involving just two vehicles to multi-vehicle chain reaction accidents involving several trucks and tractor trailers. These cases are not easy. The trucking companies usually have large insurance policies that allow the defense attorneys to spend large sums of money on experts to defend the truck drivers. We have employed leading industry experts experienced in holding the trucking companies and their drivers accountable for their negligent acts. Most often, these companies and drivers cause horrible injuries when large commercial trucks collide with passenger cars. Our job in these type of cases is to to hold these individuals and companies responsible for the injuries and deaths they cause.  When choosing an attorney to represent your family, you should choose a law firm that is experienced in handling these unique cases. We are willing to discuss your case with you and how the facts and Federal laws may support a claim against the involved truck driver and trucking company.

Some of the different types of commercial transportation and trucking cases we handle involve:

  • Tractor Trailers
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Cement Mixers
  • Tow Trucks
  • Oil Rig Trucks
  • Busses
  • Taxis
  • Limousines
  • 18-Wheelers
  • Oversized Loads
  • Combo-Trailers

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may assist with your case.

Contact Us if you or a family member have been injured by a truck, tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle.

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