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School Bullying and Abuse

Experienced Attorneys for Students Injured by Bully Behavior and Abuse

North Carolina has over 2500 public schools tasked with providing safe learning environments for almost 1.5 millions students. Every day millions of parents send their children to school expecting that they will be safe and free from violence and abuse. Sadly, many parents learn that their beloved children are not safe, and not free from abuse, while in the care of teachers and administrators they trust.

School Bullying & Abuse in North Carolina

School bullying takes place every day in schools across North Carolina and the entire country. Bullying has become violent - and abusive. Our attorneys have seen cases in which young children have been sexually assaulted by other students, gangs preying on individual students, and fights in classes that cause severe injuries - even after repeated reports of threats. In one such case, a student was so severely beaten by gang members that multiple surgeries were required to relieve pressure on the student's brain - injuries that were caused by an assault that occurred on school property during times when the student should have been safe.

North Carolina statutes state that "No student or school employee shall be subjected to bullying or harassing behavior by school employees or students." North Carolina law also states that "Schools shall develop and implement methods and strategies for promoting  school environments that are free of bullying or harassing behavior." In other words, North Carolina law recognizes that schools have a duty to provide the safe learning environment that parents expect their children to enter every day. When schools fail to provide such a safe learning environment, and students suffer bullying and harassing behavior, schools may be held responsible for the damage and injuries allowed to occur under their watch.

Being a victim of bullying behavior may be hard to detect in your child. Some signs that your child may be a victim of bully behavior many be a sudden decline in grades, or unusual reluctance to attend school, or an inappropriate fearfulness about going to school. Good communication with your child can be helpful in understanding what may be wrong. And, most importantly, recognizing that something is wrong and reporting it to your child's teacher and the school administrators may help prevent future acts. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases of teachers and administrators refusing to act in response to reports of bully behavior and abuse - and the refusal to act may lead of physical violence, abuse and injuries.

Trusted School Abuse Attorneys in Raleigh

If your child has been harmed or injured because of school bullying we may be able to help. We represent families and students who have been injured at school by abuse and bully behavior. Almost all of the cases we handle involve serious injuries, both physical and mental. If you believe that your child was physically harmed or injured because of bullying or abusive behavior at school, we may be able to help. Please contact us to discuss the issues for which you are concerned.  Any communication with us will be held in the strictest of confidence. We understand that minors may be involved, and we protect these young people, and their identity, when discussing your case with you.

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