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Products Liability

Products Liability Attorneys

Lewis & Roberts focuses a large portion of its practice in the area of the law that pertains to injuries and deaths caused by defective products. Many of these cases require litigation against some of the largest manufacturers in the world – and in some of these cases, it takes countless hours (often with the help of highly skilled experts and technicians) to identify and uncover the defect in the product that caused the harm. Product liability cases demand an attorney who will pour over product manuals, schematics, product tests, internal corporate memoranda, and other data, to detect and prove that a product was defective and unsafe for use. We handle these cases on a contingent fee basis. We advance all costs and collect no fee unless and until there is a recovery in your favor.

When dangerous product injure and kill their users.

The fact that goods and products cause injury and death to users is not news. Cars and trucks have been sold with poorly mounted gas tanks that rupture in minor collisions; lawn darts were designed for children who did not understand their danger; salmonella tainted food has been sold by major food companies to unsuspecting consumers; tire treads have separated after only a few thousand miles causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles; parked cars have suddenly shifted into gear driving over adults and children; and drugs have been marketed and sold that caused horrible birth deformities to children. These are only some of the infamous defective and dangerous products known to injure and kill users because of poor instructions, poor design or poor manufacturing processes.

Mechanic falls from access panel camouflaged from view: 

In one case, an experienced airplane mechanic was working on a large military refueling tanker from a raised platform. The platform had been recently refurbished and painted so an access panel was camouflaged from view. Our client moved the panel on the platform as designed, unaware that he was exposing himself to an unprotected fall to his death. After an exhaustive investigation, we determined that the platform had originally been painted with contrasting colors and signs to prevent the accident from happening. We found years old original photographs that showed how the refurbishing company created a dangerous product with no warnings or instructions to the end users – including our client.

Truck manufacturer sold truck with dangerous defect: 

In another case we learned that some pick-up truck gas tanks were designed so that when the truck was struck from the side, the gas tank support straps would break allowing the gas tank to drop to the ground. When the gas tank dropped, the filler nozzle would sheer off allowing gas to pour onto the roadway and be ignited as the tank dragged across the asphalt. After watching hours and hours of crash test videos, we determined that the truck manufacturer had identified the precise defect we alleged caused our client’s horrible death – but still sold the trucks with the defective and dangerous support straps.

Motorcycle tire separated while driving on highway:

In yet another case our clients were killed and injured when a motorcycle tire separated while they were driving on straight dry highway pavement. The motorcycle became uncontrollable and our client was killed – while his wife was horribly injured. We determined through our persistent discovery of the tire manufacturer, including an inspection of the production plant, that motorcycle tires were sold with manufacturing defects because of a poor inspection process. The manufacturer knew its tires were being made with defects, yet they took inadequate steps to inspect the tires before they were sold. A simple visual inspection would have prevented the dangerous tire from being sold that ruined our clients’ lives.

We dedicated ourselves to find the answers to the complicated – and often hidden – reasons these deaths and injuries occurred. Big multi-national manufacturers will take every legal step possible to prevent lawyers from finding the answers to questions about their dangerous and defective products. Our attorneys have the experience and tenacity necessary to uncover and prove how defective products are dangerous – and how they cause our clients’ injuries and death. We have also worked with some of the world’s leading experts in product liability litigation to assist us in prosecuting claims for our clients. In some of our cases we have used detailed animations and virtual graphics to show how products have been designed or manufactured to cause personal injury, property damage and even death. Some examples of this work are available for viewing here. While not every case requires an animated presentation, we always bring a team of dedicated professionals to every product liability case we handle.

Other areas of product liability litigation in which we are involved are:

  • Defective Drugs
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Dangerous Construction Products and Equipment
  • Automobiles, Trucks, Vans and Motorcycles
  • Defective Automobile Parts
  • Defective Car, Truck and Motorcycle Tires
  • Defective Construction and Defective Construction Products
  • Dangerous Commercial and Consumer Tools and Equipment

We have also been a leader in the Chinese Drywall Litigation, Zurn PEX residential pipe litigation, the synthetic stucco litigation and Vioxx lawsuits against the drug manufacturer Merck. Our experience in handling product liability litigation is varied and extensive. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about a defective product that has caused injury or death to you or a family member. 

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