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Legal Malpractice

Has Your Trusted Legal Counsel Committed Fraud or Malpractice?

Attorneys, doctors and accountants are all susceptible to committing professional malpractice. A missed filing, a missed statute of limitations, fraudulent advice in abusive tax shelters, or other negligent actions are ways a lawyer can commit legal malpractice. The attorneys at Lewis & Roberts are experienced in prosecuting legal malpractice cases against individual lawyers and their law firms.

While a missed statute of limitations – suing after the deadline – is not a common occurrence and seems simple to prove, most of the legal malpractice cases we handle are much more complicated with difficult issues of proof. We have worked on cases in which law firms have conspired with banks, accountants and other advisors to sell financial instruments that violate the law – all to obtain large fees from their wealthy clients. We are experienced in working on these large complicated cases and possess the diligence necessary to uncover the actions of legal advisors that do not have the best interests of their clients in mind. We also understand that, often, these cases are against large firms. We possess the demeanor to accept the David vs. Goliath challenge. It’s what we do.

Contact Us about any concern a lawyer or law firm may have committed malpractice.

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