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Contingent Fee Litigation

Justice is Within Reach.

Lewis & Roberts represents many clients on a contingent fee basis. This means that Lewis & Roberts is paid a percentage of any award, settlement, or verdict that we obtain on your behalf. This is different from the customary way attorneys are paid - where the attorney bills you by the hour at set rates. Paying for representation on an hourly basis may not be optimal for you. If you need representation, you should give some thought to the advantages of contingent fee litigation.

Attorneys that represent clients where the stakes are high often charge hourly rates in excess of $400 an hour. Some cases take years to resolve. In such cases, the attorneys may spend hundreds or even thousands of hours prosecuting the litigation. The expense of litigation puts the justice system out of the reach of many. And the expense of litigation must always be weighed against the risk of an unfavorable outcome. Contingent fee representation makes litigation accessible for many people or companies who could not otherwise afford a lawyer. 

Contingent Fee Litigation Attorneys in Raleigh

Contingent fee litigation aligns the attorney's interests with your own. Contingent fee cases must meet some practical requirements. Lewis & Roberts also accepts business cases on contingency in circumstances after a careful analysis of your facts and circumstances. Your case must present a reasonable likelihood of success. Your damages must be large enough to economically justify the litigation. Lewis & Roberts' attorneys and staff may spend countless hours working on your case, and the law firm thereby shares the economic risk with you in the event your case is not successful. And you only have to pay your attorney if your case is successful (the attorneys are paid a percentage of your recovery). 

Contingent fees are common in personal injury litigation. Contingent fee representation is not so common in business litigation. Many law firms will not take business cases on contingency (because of the scope of the risk of doing so). Lewis & Roberts represents personal injury clients on contingency. Lewis & Roberts will take a business case on contingency in circumstances where it makes sense. We can help you decide whether a contingent fee representation makes sense for you and your circumstances.

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