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National Litigation

Professional litigation for cases across the country

Lewis & Roberts litigates cases in state and federal courts across the United States. Our law firm is located in North Carolina, but many of our clients and cases are not. Sometimes Lewis & Roberts is retained by an out of state client because of the firm's experience in a particular area, such as abusive tax shelters or accounting malpractice. Other times there may be a benefit to litigating a case in a particular state, because evidence or witnesses are located there or perhaps because there is beneficial law in that jurisdiction. 

For example, Lewis & Roberts recently litigated an auditor malpractice case on behalf of a national bank in Atlanta, Georgia. A federal bankruptcy trustee in Georgia retained Lewis & Roberts because of the firm's experience in accounting and auditing. In 2013, Lewis & Roberts successfully contested the results of a private equity buy-out of a software company in the Delaware Chancery Court. In January of 2014, Lewis & Roberts filed a financial fraud case in Illinois, in part because one of the defendants, an accounting firm, was headquartered there. In August of 2014, Lewis & Roberts filed a fraud case against a North Carolina-based hedge fund manager and New York-based hedge fund administrator in North Carolina on behalf of investors from multiple states.

Lewis & Roberts typically represents plaintiffs in litigation for people or companies that have been harmed in some way. You may be an investor that was defrauded by a hedge fund. Or you may be a company damaged by the negligence of an auditor. Or you may have been seriously injured through no fault of your own. If you need a lawyer, the ability of Lewis & Roberts to litigate your case anywhere in the United States is an advantage that most law firms cannot offer.

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