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Business Court Litigation

Across the United States, many individual states have created business courts or internal divisions that specialize in the administration of cases that pose complex and significant issues of corporate and commercial law. In North Carolina, the North Carolina Business Court serves as a division of the General Court of Justice. If you have a case that involves the law governing corporations, a securities dispute, or an antitrust matter, in all likelihood your case will be “removed” to the N.C. Business Court for resolution. If you are filing a business case in a state outside of North Carolina, you will find that about 18 other states have established similar business courts. The judges in business courts around the United States are often chosen because they have significant experience in the area of complex business litigation. Similarly, there will often be a small subset of lawyers who feel comfortable litigating in a state business court.

Experienced business court attorneys 

The business litigation attorneys at Lewis & Roberts have extensive experience representing plaintiffs in business courts throughout the United States. Over just the last few years, our Firm has litigated business court cases in North Carolina, Georgia, and Illinois (commercial calendar). When the North Carolina Business Court opened its new courtroom in Raleigh, at the Campbell Law School, Jim Roberts and other attorneys from Lewis & Roberts tried the first jury trial there (a partnership dispute). Since then, our Firm has litigated a minority shareholder dispute against a private equity firm in the N.C. Business Court, and we are currently representing investors in a hedge fund dispute against a hedge fund manager and a hedge fund administrator in the N.C. Business Court. Lewis & Roberts was also retained by the United States Bankruptcy Court in 2010 to represent a bank holding company against its auditors; that case was successfully litigated in the Georgia Business Court. Our firm is presently litigating an investment and tax shelter fraud case in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles commercial calendar court.

Examples of our cases: 

If you would like to review case filings and other similar materials from a few of our NC Business Court cases, you can access the case dockets by clicking this link and searching for:

  • Thompson v. Hendrickson (partnership dispute – jury verdict for plaintiff)
  • Richardson/Greason v. Frontier Spinning Mills, Inc. (minority shareholder dispute)
  • Bradshaw v. SS&C Technologies, Inc. (hedge fund administrator negligence)
  • Silverton Financial Services, Inc. v. PKM, LLP (auditor negligence)
  • Lane v. Deutsche Bank, AG (investment/tax shelter fraud)

Services on a contingent fee basis: 

If you have a significant business dispute, chances are your case may wind up in a state business court. Our experience litigating business disputes, for plaintiffs, in business courts across the United States, makes us an uncommon law firm. We understand that injured businesses and individuals may not be in a position to fund business court litigation by the hour. Most businesses and individuals cannot wage a multi-year fight against Fortune 500 wrongdoers at a cost of thousands of dollars an hour. That is why we offer clients, in the right types of cases, the opportunity to retain us on a contingent fee basis. Attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses need not overwhelm your company or obstruct your ability to retain qualified representation. 

Our Business Litigation Experience: 

We have the resources and the experience to work together with you to develop the billing arrangement that makes the most sense for you. Our experience in business litigation includes, but is not limited to:

•    Antitrust
•    Contract disputes
•    Fraud or misrepresentation in business transactions
•    Hedge Fund disputes (we represent both investors and hedge funds) 
•    Unfair & Deceptive trade practices
•    Merger & Acquisition disputes
•    Shareholder disputes
•    Minority shareholder oppression
•    Abusive tax shelters
•    Directors & Officer liability to shareholders
•    Accounting & Auditing Negligence
•    Professional Malpractice
•    Investor and shareholder’s rights
•    Securities fraud
•    Breach of fiduciary duties
•    Other business torts

Because Lewis & Roberts accepts clients on a contingent fee basis, clients seeking representation need not expect a multi-million dollar bill for attorneys' fees at the conclusion of their litigation. If your case is appropriate for representation on a contingent fee basis, you will owe no attorneys' fee for the litigation unless and until there is a monetary settlement or court verdict in your favor. Justice should not depend on whether you are wealthier than the person or entity that harmed you. Our business litigation lawyers in Raleigh are here to help you fight for your rights.

If you have a business case you would like us to review, please call  Jim Roberts in the Firm’s Raleigh office 919-981-0191

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