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Class Actions

Experienced Class Action Representation in North Carolina.

Class action lawsuits involve a few named claimants suing a defendant for a larger class of similarly situated individuals. The value of claims in a class action can be for less than a hundred dollars or for tens of thousands – the most important factor in a class action is that the type of claim is similar across the board.

Class action lawsuits.

Our attorneys in Raleigh have handled class actions in which the value of claims has varied from small to large. We have also worked on class actions representing thousands of class members to classes of less than one hundred.

Some of the different class action litigation we handle involve:

  • Insurance policy premium payments
  • Financial instruments
  • Credit card charges
  • Bank charges
  • Shareholder litigation
  • Consumer fraud
  • Price gouging
  • Mass torts
  • Construction products (Chinese drywall, PEX pipe, synthetic stucco and concrete siding)
  • Wage and hour claims – technically “collective” actions

Often, class representatives in these cases can obtain payments for their losses plus an additional amount for working as representatives for the entire class. Our lawyers have been lead class counsel in both class actions and collective actions for wage and hour claims. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you any case in which you may have a claim for a class of claimants similar to your own.

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