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Wrongful Death & Dump Truck Accident - $2.45 Million

Settlement amount: 
$2.45 Million

Dump Truck Crosses Center Line.

Lewis & Roberts represented the widow of an executive who was killed when a dump truck crossed the center line on a residential road. The dump truck drove head on into our deceased client’s car killing him instantly. Our client’s husband was driving home that afternoon and was less than two miles from home. We investigated the accident and interviewed numerous witnesses that saw the accident - as well as officers of the dump truck company. We determined that the dump truck driver was driving in excess of 50 MPH on the residential road with a 35 MPH speed limit. Paul Dickinson and Jim Roberts filed the case in state court and pursued damages for the loss of our client’s husband and the father of her two daughters.

Dump Truck Was Traveling 15 MPH Over The Posted Speed Limit.

We retained a team of reconstruction engineers who were able to recreate the accident and the positions of various cars involved based on our discovery of the facts. The recreation of the wreck showed that, if the dump truck been traveling within the posted speed limit, the accident would not have happened. The case was mediated twice and numerous attorneys were hired to represent the dump truck company - including the insurance company’s national trial counsel. The case settled shortly before trial for $2,450,000.

Jim Roberts was lead counsel for the plaintiff.

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