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Workplace Injury & Paraplegia - $3.5 Million

Settlement amount: 
$3.5 Million

Steel Worker Is Crushed By Falling I-Beams.

Lewis & Roberts represented a worker who suffered a severe spinal injury when a load of steel fell off a flatbed truck onto our client. Our client was working on the flatbed truck assisting in the unloading of steel beams and columns. We alleged that the steel had been improperly stacked in violation of OSHA standards. When the steel was being lifted our client fell as steel beams and columns rolled off the truck onto our client on the ground. Our client was crushed and suffered life altering injuries – he was never able to work as he had before and suffered severe, painful and disabling injuries that made him unable to walk or be active in the ways he was prior to the accident.

Corporate Safety Documents Supported Our Case

Jim Roberts worked to prove how the defendants were negligent in not properly loading the flatbed trailer. The case was set for a mediated settlement conference when we found internal corporate documents describing how steel was supposed to be loaded and unloaded from trailers. The documents had never been produced by the defendants and were found by us in the door pocket of a company truck during a supervised inspection. We moved the Court to sanction the defendants for withholding the documents from us and our expert witnesses. The Court delayed ruling on our motion for sanctions until after the mediated settlement conference. During the mediation we also showed the defendants and their insurance company an animated recreation of the accident that we intended to use at trial. The animation showed how the accident happened – and how it could have been avoided if the defendants had followed OSHA and their own guidelines. The defendants’ insurance company finally agreed to settle the case for $3,500,000 at mediation.

Jim Roberts was lead counsel for the plaintiff.

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