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Traumatic Brain Injury - $1.3 Million Verdict

Settlement amount: 
$1.3 Million Jury Verdict

$1.3 Million Federal Jury Verdict.

Lewis & Roberts represented a software engineer who was rear-ended by a commercial truck while on vacation. Our client’s car was totaled but the truck sustained very little damage. Our client alleged that she suffered a traumatic brain injury from the whiplash impact. Only a few months prior to this accident our client had also suffered a concussion from a fall when she hit her head on the floor. She received several stitches from that prior injury. While our client was recovering from the first head injury she was involved in the accident with the truck. Despite multiple attempts to return to work, our client was unable concentrate, could not read the computer code necessary for her job, and had a short attention span – all problems that she had never experienced before the truck wreck. The defendants claimed that all of our client’s injuries were related to her first concussion. We proved that her closed head injury was related to being rear-ended by the truck. The insurance company’s pre-trial offer was less than $100,000. Lewis & Roberts tried the case in federal court and obtained a jury verdict of $1,300,000.

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