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Bully Victim and School Abuse Case

Student was Molested on School Grounds.

Lewis & Roberts has been retained to represent a young child and family who are seeking justice for events that occurred while our client was attending school. During the school day, our client and another child were called to the principal's office to discuss bullying acts that we allege were being committed on our client by the second child. Our client has a learning disorder and was being physically assaulted during the school hours. Our client's parents had complained to the school about the incidents and the effect they were having on our client.

After the meeting with the principal, both children were sent back to their respective classrooms unescorted. During the walk back to class, our client was pulled into an unmonitored bathroom and sexually molested by the other child. Our client suffers from PTSD like symptoms and has become very withdrawn. We accepted this case to hold the school board, principal and teachers responsible for the horrible act of molestation that was committed on our client while under their watch - and after the administrators had been given notice of the bullying that was occurring. No child should suffer from the indignity of being molested by another student. The school administrators should have known the dangers of releasing unsupervised students into unsupervised areas with a history of bullying behavior. Our school bullying and abuse attorneys intend to hold the school administrators and teachers responsible for the damage caused to our client and our client's family.

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