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Four Blackwater Guards Found Guilty

Wall Street Journal "Quote of the Day."

The Wall Street Journal reported on a Federal jury's finding that four Blackwater contractors were guilty of criminal manslaughter and weapons charges stemming from the September 16, 2007 Nisur Square shootings. Seventeen innocent Iraqi civilians were killed by Blackwater contractors that day - and many more were wounded. Lewis & Roberts partner Jim Roberts represented the families of three victims that were killed in Nisur Square, including the family of 9 year old Ali Kinani, plus three others who were shot but initially survived. One of the survivors lingered with a head wound until he died over a year after the initial injury. Lewis & Roberts sued Blackwater, based in Moyock, North Carolina, in state court. The civil case eventually settled for a confidential amount to compensate the families that lost loved ones and those that survived their wounds. The criminal case continued to trial in Washington, DC leading to the four convictions. One of our clients, Ali Kinani's father, was the first witness for the government in the Federal prosecution.

The October 23, 2014 “Quote of the Day” from The Wall Street Journal, as selected by Editor in Chief Gerard Baker, came from Lewis & Roberts partner:

"The verdict is significant because it shows that paramilitary contractors who commit crimes abroad can be held accountable for their criminal actions. - a lawyer for the families of Iraqis shot dead in a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007, on a federal jury decision to convict four former Blackwater USA private security guards in the shooting."

The Wall Street Journal article can be read at the link below.