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Core Values

We put justice within reach of every client we represent.

Our experienced and skilled attorneys have successfully litigated cases for a wide variety of clients.  We tackle complex and difficult cases while demanding and delivering results. Our top priority is always our clients, and we work hard to even the playing field to ensure that our clients obtain justice.


Our attorneys represent clients in a variety of case types involving sophisticated investment fraud, complex construction disputes, catastrophic personal injury and death, unfair corporate transactions, along with all types of workers’ compensation, general liability, and employment-related matters.


Our attorneys burn the midnight oil to give their clients every possible advantage. Our attorneys are industrious, relentless, and they work smart and hard to find the key facts and key legal precedents that produce successful outcomes in cases. 


Our attorneys take pride in standing up for clients against opponents of all sizes in all types of settings. We have obtained trial verdicts and favorable settlements for clients in many different federal and state courts. We have also prevailed before the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court, the Federal Courts of Appeals, the North Carolina Industrial Commission, and various administrative agencies.


Our attorneys put their name on the line every time they represent a client. When arguing in court, or making statements in legal papers, we know our credibility makes a difference. We are better advocates for our clients when judges and juries know they can count on the accuracy of the things we say and do. Some attorneys confuse noise with substance. We do not.

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